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Chumak is a national-wide company, one of the biggest food producers of Ukraine. Chumak serves consumers with ketchup and other varieties of sauces, mayonnaise, tomato paste, juice, sunflower oil, canned vegetables, macaroni and pasta. We have been one of the industry-shaping entities in the Ukrainian food market; our many-years experience and deep understanding of consumer needs make us the experts in the sphere of foodstuff production.

The corporative slogan of Chumak is “From Field to Table”. It is not mere words — our production facilities are located next to the fields, so we are able to deliver the gathered raw material for processing in an hour only. The unique location of the Company in the environmentally sound area of Southern Ukraine secures the high quality of our products. We are proud producers of conservant-free foodstuff; all Chumak products are safe and healthy!

We are a bit younger than the state — for thirteen years, we have been growing and developing together with Ukraine. Today the Company exports its products to Canada, Russia, the USA, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Israel, Spain, the Baltic Stats, as well as many other markets around the world. Chumak has become the legend!