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Great location

Chumak's production facilities are located on the fertile fields of Ukraine, in the middle of the world’s biggest irrigation system. There are about 240 sunny days per year and favorable soil, ensuring the naturalness and freshness of raw materials for our products.

Modern technologies

We use the latest innovative technology and equipment produced by such leaders as Tetra Pak, Volpak, Bossar, Selo and others.

Knowledge and expertise

We have been manufacturing food products for over 20 years. Chumak is one of the largest food industry enterprises in Ukraine. We develop national standards in the industry and form a new Ukrainian market with the highest global standards.

Quality control

Our production process is certified according to DSTU ISO 9001:2009, DSTU ISO 22000:2007 and BRC Global standards, we regularly pass inspections of our clients and independent audits.


Chumak is one of the most popular brands in Ukraine. Ukrainians love and appreciate Chumak for its consistently high quality, naturalness and taste of products.