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Chumak launches a long-awaited novelty product - Basil Pesto Sauce


As tasty as in Italy!

"Basil Pesto" from "Chumak" is a sauce of its own production (Kakhovka city, Kherson region) made of fresh leaves of green basil harvested in the South of Ukraine.

Made of fresh leaves of green basil. Contains no flavoring agents. Non-GMO. It is more affordable than Italian product.

The name of the sauce "Pesto" in Italian means "crush or grind", which fully captures the essence of the cooking process of this classic Italian sauce.

Fresh basil, nuts, butter, salty cheese, garlic and salt - these simple ingredients are ground together to make your dishes tasty and your grateful family happy.

It combines with pasta, salads, perfectly suits to fish. Ready-made sauce from an expert in food products.