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New tomato sause - "Krasnodarskyj firmovyj sauce"


This time, it’s the Krasnodarskyj sauce, a favorite of the many people. This sauce has rich history and enjoys immense popularity in our country. Among its ingredients are tomatoes, cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, garlic, allspice, and, what’s really interesting, apples. I

It is the presence of apple sourness that makes this sauce different and imparts an exquisite taste to it. The Krasnodarskyj sauce can undoubtedly be considered a universal sauce, ideal for both cooking and using as a dressing for various dishes,

 For example, this sauce is excellent for holubtsi and pelmeni, goulash, and any other meat delicacies. The vegetarians may also make use of this sauce, for example, when cooking various gravies and vegetable stews.