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Recipes. Kitchen collections with Chumak tomato paste!

Pork with apple confiture

Traditional holiday gingerbreads Mykolaychyky

Banosh with mushrooms

Pechenya z sardynamy

Dumplings with yoghurt sauce and pest

Cabbage soup

Bagel vergoons

Catfish baked with beetroot sauce

Potatoes stuffed with meat

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Натуральний кетчуп з Херсону до дому. Чумак – З лану до столу. 6c

Chumak Ketchup for kids, with honey. 20s

Chumak Ketchup for kids, with honey. 6s

Чумак. СОУС ДНЯ!

Chumak Ketchup "Delicate for children"

Chumak Ketchup "Delicate for children"

Juice that made Chumak

Pasta Chumak "Zernjatko"

Fruzi - fruit food superheroes