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Recipes. Kitchen collections with Chumak tomato paste!

Learn borsch

Sour soup with sauerkraut

Dumplings with cherries and bacon

Beetroot stew. Spundra

Goose stuffed with pears. Czech

Mini Pies. Wales

Pasta with meat broth. Andorra

Placinde cake. Moldova

Schnitzel. Austria

Cyprus. Pasta with tuna and olives

Montenegro. Pasta with rabbit and olives

Cold-mashed pork ribs. Greece

Shepherd`s pie. England

Fried with banana.Ukraine

Sarma. Albania

Doner kebab. Turkey

Arrabbiata. Italy

Dumplings from potatoes

Chili con Сarne, soup. Mexico

Cassoulet with beans. France

Goulash. Hungary

Ribeye steak. Barbeque sauce. America

Chicken with honey-tomato sauce. China

Trout in tomato sauce with vegetables. Georgia

Stuffed pita with vegetables in tomato sauce. Armenia

Italy. Ragu alla bolognese

Ukraine. Bograch

Marocco. Baked chicken with harissa sauce

Paella. Spain

Skewers of chicken, shrimp and cheese. Japan

Chicken KFC with table sauce. Canada

Butter Chicken. India

Tomato desert Kremna Rezina. Slovenia

Salad with olives and oranges. Portugal

Mussels in traditional sauce. Belgium

Meatballs. Norway

Pork knuckle. Germany

Sarma. Albania

Arrabbiata. Italy

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