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Chumak Рasta "Penne", PP 400g

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Classic tube-shape pasta with angled ends and ridged surface. "Penne" tastes good with meat or vegetable-based sauces, refined dairy-based sauces, like a mushroom cream sauce, tomato sauces, or spicy sauces. "Penne" has its special role in a delicious traditional woodsman's pasta – "Boscaiola with mushrooms", tomatoes and olives. Try with Chumak Pasta sauce "Boscaiola with mushrooms".

Cooking tips:

Put elbows into salted boiling water (for 100g of pasta not less than 1 l of water), stir it, turn down the stove slightly and stir it every so often. Remove from heat. Drain well.

Cooking time is around 9 min.